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How to create a store cupboard that works for you, your family and your lifestyle?

This post is the second article on store cupboards written by Elaine Colliar from Mortgagefreeinthree.com.

Well, start from first principles – what does your family like to eat? And from that what are the staple foods that can be safely stored?

In our case, we enjoy cooking and eating ethnic cuisines, so we knew that every week there was likely to be a “something” with rice, noodles or pasta.

Come up with a “rough” meal plans for the entire period you wish to create your stock cupboard for. If you plan for a month, you will create a plan 12 times per year. If you plan for a year, then you can just do this the once.

Why create a store cupboard?

This article was written by Elaine Colliar from Mortgagefreeinthree.com. Thank you Elaine!

I resisted the idea of menu planning and creating a store cupboard for a very long time.  In my head I thought that laying in stores of food was something done by WI ladies, grandmothers and those who ate bland, unimaginative and plain food.  It couldn’t be something that we “modern foodies” would dabble in.

When I actually accepted that some forward planning was going to have to happen (as I quickly had to become used to a credit crunch food budget) I was, frankly, amazed at the savings in both time and money that quickly mounted up.

I found I relaxed about food, and no longer fretted that we didn’t have enough.  I no longer had cupboards full of food “and nothing for dinner” and my weekly spending on food tumbled by 75%.