Happy Birthday to Us: The Money Principle is One Today

Yep, this is right! On this date exactly a year ago, after weeks of agonising doubt, I published the first article on The Money Principle; which means that today, The Money Principle is one!

Many bloggers give the impression that starting their blog was akin to a military operation: they studied other blogs, knew exactly who is their target audience, had a year’s worth of content ready and had a pretty good idea how to monetise. I was different! I started The Money Principle a bit like I run marathons: thinking that ‘it can’t be that difficult’ and by the time it gets difficult it is usually too late to give up. I started from the beginning and wrote the first post, then the second and so on.

I would like to be able to tell you my statistics a year ago but I have absolutely no idea what they were; in fact I had no idea that one can measure these things. I didn’t know a ‘widget’ from a ‘wicket’, knew little about blogging and ‘knew’ only couple of bloggers. But I had three things: fascination with personal finance, open mindedness to learn and passion for writing.

This is how, a year later my widgets are my elfin helpers (I have long given up on understanding wickets), I can identify 23 types of blog posts and work with a mighty and honourable community: the Yakezie. I still have the three things that got me through the initial months.

Where are we today?

  • We have up to a 100 people stopping by every day;
  • We have published 199 posts and 125,000 words;
  • To which you have commented over 1300 times;
  • Our Alexa rank this morning is 102,560; and
  • Our MozRank is 4.53.

What I figured out is the following:

  • I am building The Money Principle to inform, educate and entertain in equal measures;
  • I have set up The Money Principle as an ‘agora’, a place where people meet and chat;
  • I want to build The Money Principle further with the love and respect you deserve.

Thanks for your support! It means so much to us!

27 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us: The Money Principle is One Today”

  1. “thinking that ‘it can’t be that difficult’ and by the time it gets difficult it is usually too late to give up.”

    I think that’s a great way of doing things! Happy birthday!

  2. I remember the weeks of wavering between the “shall I or shan’t I?” before you posted the first time. Looking back now I bet you wonder why you were so leery of taking the plunge. I for one am very glad you did.

    And without provoking WW3 – widgets are way more interesting than wickets LOL

  3. Well done on making it through your first year, it’s a great achievement. It should only get better from here on out as you have already put in all the hard work! Judging from those stats, you are already travelling along nicely.

    • Ha – we have a blog analyser on our server that can do all sorts of things working directly on the database – it’s not a plugin. The value is rounded and includes the few pages but not comments either here or elsewhere! 😛

  4. If you look back, it is actually amazing how far you have come and what you all have learned in one year. It is almost impossible to imagine that a year ago you didn’t know all these things.Making progress and learning new things feels good I think. Congratulations.

  5. A belated happy birthday guys 🙂 That really is an impressive amount of content to put out in a year. You put us to shame! Or, maybe we put ourselves to shame and you’ve done really well. Congratulations 🙂

    • @Ash: Thanks, Ash. You know what I am going to say, don’t you? Quality is what matters – and quality you have in abundance. We just are older and our social life is carp.


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