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Principled money posts of the week #10: the ‘Sunny Sunday’ edition

Another Sunday and another edition of The Money Principle round up of the most thought provoking posts on personal finance from the week before. It is a sunny Sunday morning here and I am feeling positive and generous but a bit rushed: it is not often that the sun is shining in Manchester and the opportunity for a long walk and play in the park should be used. So a cup of coffee, nice music and…I am off!

This week I would like to start with a post that is not immediately about PF but is very interesting for anyone who has ever been put down – at home or at work. Aaron Hung published an interesting post making a distinction between a ‘criticism’ that help you make things better and a ‘put down’ that…well, puts you down. In principle, I also agree with his advice to confront people calmly and explain the situation. Fighting the temptation to take the Million Dollar Baby approach and ‘knock them down in the first round’ is hard but necessary.

Have you been wondering about investments? I have. The more a look around at the moment the more my conservative nature screams at me ‘don’t do it; this is a looser’. Picking winners is hard at best; in times of economic and financial turmoil it can become ‘a loser’s game’. Cash Flow Mantra seems to be onto something here by suggesting that the way to invest in winners to pay off your credit cards. Or any other consumer debt, I would add.

This week My University Money made my life as a parent so much easier. When I went to university, my mum gave me a one liner – it was about managing my money. I have been puzzling over what I shall tell my son when he goes to university one day. Now I know; I’ll tell him that ’ You can study. You can Party. You can sleep. But each day you can choose only two of those.

This week Prairie Eco Thrifter published an article asking is travelling overrated. Nelson caused quite a stir and controversy with it but the answer seem to be ‘it depends’. Do you have the money to travel? Is travelling make you happy? Do you travel with open mind and learn? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’ travel may not be overrated and the only concern should be the damage you may be doing to the environment. If, on the other hand, you travel so that you can be silly and/or drunk elsewhere you may as well forget it. So not worth it!

The Money Cactus asked how your employer can make you wealthy. I liked reading about different perks employers may be offering (or persuaded to offer). I still believe that employers can’t make you wealthy – this is not their job. I am not going to get into details here but would just say that Marx got many things wrong (though on the background of what is happening to global capitalism at the moment this statement may need to be revised) but his theory of exploitation is spot on.

I learned about money from Pipi Longstocking and whilst this was fun it probably was a warning of the times to come. This article published by the Moneytrail offers alternatives I am willing to try and hope they work better for my son.

I promised myself and you, my readers, that I am not going to include posts about goals in my round up – with respect, guys, your goals may excite you but they don’t rock my boat. There are compelling reasons for an exception provided by Roshawn at Watson Inc. This week he set out three reasons why goals are not enough  and I urge to develop the desire to go and check this out. You are not going to be disappointed.

Now is time for our news.

We are looking into changing our look. No, I am not having plastic surgery – it is about the Money Principle. And we may need to lose the yellow but this is life; the yellow Smart car didn’t do me much good and the yellow theme is going the same way.

Last week the Money principles was mentioned by Debt Free by Thirty and by Totally Money; which, of course, totally rocks so thank you!

5 thoughts on “Principled money posts of the week #10: the ‘Sunny Sunday’ edition”

  1. Hahaha! You’re tired of hearing about goals! I have to say, while I am a huge advocate of goals and passions, I thought that I will be on another subject by now. Instead, I have written another article on this very topic this weekend. It turns out the subject is apparently inexhaustible, for me at least! It dominates my life and has served as a critical foundation for much of my success thus far. Thanks for making my latest post your exception.

    I hope your audience develops strong passions for manifesting their dreams!


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