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Principled money posts of the week #12: the one where ‘mountains are mountains and not just hills’

Have I mentioned that I have been feeling stressed lately? Well, I have been; and the perfect solution for me is to go to the mountains and ski. I was born in the mountains of southern Bulgaria – in a little town in Pirin mountain – and wherever I go, whatever I do the mountains are calling me. As to skiing I am not a good skier; hell, I am not even a decent one. But I still find skiing so therapeutic: it is difficult to worry about anything else than dying when going very fast down a steep, icy hill.

Responding to the call of the mountains is a bit of a problem living in the UK: different notion of mountains, you see. So, tomorrow we are off to Sofia and after spending several days in our apartment there we are off to Pirin for a week or so. John and I will struggle on skis and our ten year old son will be a ‘cool dude’ on his snowboard.

Going to the mountains is all very well but before that there is a mountain of different kind to climb: packing. Our bed has a mountain of stuff on it and it has to be put in suitcases. I am just telling you why tonight I need to change the format a bit and instead of telling you about the articles in the blogosphere that made me think, or changed my thinking about something, I’ll introduce my new Yakezie best buddies: the PF bloggers who will be ‘my crew’ for the next couple of months or so. These are the people with whom I’ll grow and support them to grow in return.

Let’s start with one of my favourite blogs: Wealth Informatics. It is true, people, when I set out on this blogging mountain path this blog was one of the benchmarks of quality for me. Thought provoking content, lovely design and striking graphics! Go check it out – last week Suba has been discussing the future of shopping.

Shaun at Smart Family Finance focuses on family finance and provides a wealth of useful information for younger couples. Do you have young children and are you wondering how to start their financial education early? If you do and if you are go read this blog – there is some really sound advice about it.

American Debt Project focuses mainly on an issue that is, regretfully, topical for so many people: debt (well, I prefer to call it ‘negative wealth’ but let’s take the gloves off). Lovely site with lively, entertaining and informative content! What about? Well, as Pippi Logstocking would have said: ‘If you don’t know, why should I tell you?’ Go find for yourselves.

If you are one of the misguided people who believe that finance is dry and boring go check Funancials. This blog may change your mind; well, it did change mine. Nice pictures as well (not the one of Mario Draghi, the other one).

We also have MoneyGreenLife in the group which I consider a very good fortune, indeed. This is a blog that has the ability to surprise and provoke. How? You will have to go and see for yourselves but I will just mention that Charles challenged Dave Ramsey’s snowball method.

Erin at The Dog Ate My Wallet is another one to check out. Last week Erin opened Pandora’s Box: the myth of the dream job. I am with her on this one: we need to snap out of this middle class obsession with ‘loving what we do’ and remember that life consists of a string of compromises and that most people on this planet don’t have the luxury of a job/work; even less of a ‘dream’ one.

Super Frugalette certainly lives up to her name. If you want to learn how to be frugal and elegant visit her blog. This is the only kind of frugality I am keen on anyway: frugality as an art form where quality is maintained.

The Millionaire Nurse Blog completes the membership of our little group; in more ways than one. This week Dr. Dean published a post on disability that reminded me that I carry a wagon load of life term but hardly any disability insurance. And I am going skiing!

Well, this brought us back to the beginning. This is it for this week and I’ll let you all know in good time whether there will be a post next Sunday (this will depend on internet access).

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    • @Shaun: Yep. My favourite is mountain tea and honey. There is so much snow here (and snowing at the moment) that how are we going to get to the mountains and whether it is wise is a big question.


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