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Principled money posts of the week #14: the ‘Catch 22 and Nately and…’ edition

I haven’t done a Sunday post for couple of weeks now and this is usually the one where I allow myself some personal detail. After all, I have lived in England far too long, Europeans are generally much less inclined to share deeply personal matters and my favourite blogs are not the ones that read like a diary. This is enough for now…

Have you heard about the ‘Nately’s whore’ syndrome?

Well, don’t worry about it; I haven’t told anybody about it yet. Have you read Catch 22? Well, there is a character called Nately and he falls in love with one of the whores working the establishment the soldiers visit.

He is really decent to her, buys her gifts, chocolates and flowers; in return she screams and swears at him, and can be often spotted hitting him on the head with her high heeled shoe. Until one day, Yossarian sees her sitting in Nately’s lap, smiling and talking gently to him. What made all the difference was that she had had a decent night sleep.

‘Nately’s whore’ syndrome is when you get so tired that nothing seems to make your heart sing any longer; when you dislike what you do, you loath the conditions under which you do it, your family were sent on Earth to try you and your life is not worth living. All you need then is good rest!

Would this do as a lead to my round up of the most thought provoking post around the blogosphere? Let’s see, shall we?

Suba at Wealth Informatics doesn’t disappoint again. She has published several thought provoking articles in the last two weeks but the one I liked most turns around the whole view of quitting. You know how we usually think that quitting is a weakness? Suba argues, and convincingly, that in many cases we don’t quit because we are quitters – we have accepted situations and would rather stay in a situation we know and don’t like than change. She brings different notions from psychology but my favourite is ‘premature optimisation’. I actually happen to think that any ‘optimisation’ is premature but then this may just be me.

Shaun at Smart Family Finance urged us to get rid of our junk. I was hooked from the first sentence, asking whether he has space to park in his garage. What his answer is you can learn by reading his post; as well as building up some motivation reading about the opportunity costs of clearing your garage out. Our garage is certainly full of rubbish and I find it very hard to tackle: nothing gets me as upset as leaving my past behind!

In similar line, our friend at American Debt Project offered five easy steps to clean your closet. All with pictures! Apart from making me think of Eminem, reading these steps made me feel so tired that I decided to give it a go; but some other time. For now, I can console myself with the advantages of having an overflowing closet: one can wear the first thing that falls out.

We are talking personal finance blogs, right? Right! It is not very often that a PF blogger of the calibre of Barbara Friedberg exclaims with passion that she is sick of talking about money. What she talks about instead is something I would advise you to find out by reading the post.

For some time now I have been enjoying the series on the conditions for success that KrantCents is publishing. Every week he comes up with three conditions for success, working his way through the alphabet. This week is G’s turn and my favourite is ‘go for it’. Yep, most of us remember to set goals but then we fail to act on them. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Can you save money on a visit to a place like Las Vegas? Well, according to Nelson you can. If you are not a compulsive gambler this is. If you are one, like me, just stay away – go to the opera or something.  Not that going to the opera is cheap, mind!

And Nelson seems to be everywhere we turn these days; with good questions at that. On Sustainable Personal Finance he asks would you buy an engagement ring at a pawn shop. I said ‘no, this is bad luck’. And the guys, quite rightly, hit me back with: ‘wearing a ‘blood’ diamond is bad luck as well’. Gosh, I love these guys! They make me think! Of course, Simon at Sustainable Personal Finance is right: ‘blood’ diamonds are as morally objectionable as wearing fur. My feeling is that since history shows that attempting to regulate the diamond (or any precious stone and metal) prospecting is doomed the only ethical way forward is to stop bothering about diamonds. ‘The ring’ is only a symbol of commitment and I am sure we can think about, and agree on, a different one.

On this note, combining frugality and ethics, I’ll say ‘so long’ till next week.

4 thoughts on “Principled money posts of the week #14: the ‘Catch 22 and Nately and…’ edition”

    • @KrantCents: I really love the series Krant; as to the look – thanks, I love it as well (all curtesy of Jai which comes to show that the design is much better when the designer reads your blog and ‘knows’ you). It is also nice to have you back; I did miss your wise voice.

    • @SustainablePF: I have really started enjoying stopping by your blog – you and your guests make me think and I always enjoy a good, clean discussion.


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