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Principled money posts of the week #6: about opportunities, women and weight loss; no handbags please!

Today is the last Sunday before the holydays and things are starting to slow down; well at least for some. Most people are getting ready: shopping, planning and cleaning. One side effect is that the blogosphere is saturated with giveaways, promotions and the like. Some of these are really hot but still…This may be a good way to attract attention (and visits) and to increase Alexa rankings but it is a wasted opportunity when it comes to quiet reflection, presence and looking into the future.

There are still bright spots in the midst of all this clutter and marketing noise. Read on!

 Control Your Cash are on good form again and their two latest articles are certainly worth checking out. In ‘Opportunity. It’s staring you in the face.’ Greg and Betty do exactly what it says on the tin: show how opportunities are everywhere we look; we just have to notice them. Now, I don’t know much about baseball but then I don’t understand cricket either. Emphasis on food rather than exercise and on frugality rather than increasing cash flow has been getting on my nerves for a long time now. People, listen to this message! It is time to stop putting up with a tight coat; go out there and get some more cloth!

Remember that couple of months ago I was telling you that I discovered Groupon? Well the initial flushes of the love affair are long gone and disappointment has settled in. I ordered two things and none of these materialised (although I still hope to get my duvet). This is what is wrong with using Groupon. If you want to know what is wrong with their business model and why their shares are falling go to Control Your Cash and read this.

I love it when people ask interesting questions although often the answers disappoint. But I’ll get to asking questions and solving problems later. For now, let’s stay with the question Nelson at Financial Uproar asked, which is ‘Why do women refuse to merry down?’ Great post, good entertainment. Somewhat disappointing answer, though. Nelson, it doesn’t have to be about the old story of finding a guy who can support you. Women like having partners they can relate to; being the provider is not so deeply ingrained in us; and although there comes an age when this becomes tempting, we are generally too smart and practical to go for beauty only. I was roaring with laughter when imagining a dating advert specifying that a woman is looking for ‘…a drinking, philandering, scrawny guy with broken nose; being illiterate and unemployed will make him irresistible’.  And yes, I know it is hard our there for young men; it has always been.

Did you know that the average person will put on between 6 and 8 pound over the holidays? Some of us will end up considerably heavier than that. After that we feel so bad that we come up with a bunch of resolutions (well it is the right time for this, isn’t it), join a gym, use it inappropriately for eight week and pay membership for years. Miss T from the Prairie Eco Thrifter tells us how to lose weight in a healthy way . Apart from not mentioning exercise at all (see first entry) the advice is sound and the writing a pleasure.

I hate lists! Well, ok I have experimented with writing lists posts but you all know that they don’t do anything for me – or for you. This week, there is one list I enjoyed: the one presented by Andrea at So Over Debt. There are many ways to make sure that no one reads your blog and Andrea has come up with the top ten. My favourite is ‘treat your blog like a diary’ – this is so widespread and the ridiculous assumption that one’s life is so fascinating and their experience universally desirable. Enough said, though. Now I am off to proof read this post!

Finally, I would like to say ‘farewell and wish you all the best’ to an old favourite of mine. Jacob from Early Retirement Extreme has come out of his retirement and, by the sound of it, resigned his blog. He explains how this happened and why in a wonderful post ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ – go read it! This reminds me: how many of my readers know which book and author the title of Jacob’s post is making a reference to? No using Google and please answer. I knew; which explains why I read his blog without agreeing with many of the things he said. Good luck, Jacob, and hope your job will offer a wealth of fascinating problems to solve.

Finally, a reminder: if you haven’t already done so please get on Love Drop and give generously . Be extraordinary and offer an opportunity!

This is it for now, peeps. Till next week! Or you thought I won’t do it on Christmas Day? Blast, I avoided mentioning this for 800 words and now have blown it. Have a good one anyway.

11 thoughts on “Principled money posts of the week #6: about opportunities, women and weight loss; no handbags please!”

  1. Men definitely get the short end of the dating stick, there is no doubt. There is a built-in financial advantage for women when the cultural norm is to marry someone who is stable and already into solid financial footing. It’s also tough to dispute that evolutionary instincts don’t still exist on some level, but that’s life right? My gf reminds once a month that men have “built-in” advantages as well 😉

    • @Aaron: Make this ‘all married people’. I have considered leaving John so that I can be slim again but this does sound a bit drastic. Running marathons is way better (although when I mention running ultra-marathons he is threatening to leave; go figure).

    • @Greg: Welcome! On both counts. Your comment reminded me of an old joke where someone was applying to become a member of a Writers’ Academy. They asked him whether he had read Dostoevsky – he hadn’t; Tolstoy – no; Dante, Maupassant – no. ‘How come you are applying’ – he was asked. ‘I never said that I am a reader’ – came the answer – ‘I am a writer.’

      I believe in unity, you see. And wish more people did!


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