Monthly Budget Planner

Monthly Budget Planner

This budgeting tool allows you to follow your monthly income and spending, calculates your monthly cash flow (the difference between income and spends) and provides the detail necessary to manage your money efficiently and effectively.

To keep track of changes, a separate worksheet is included for each month of the year and you set the year in the Start worksheet.  This enables you to print out the calculation if you wish. The Summary worksheet does just that for the year and more information can be found in the Details worksheet. A Skeleton worksheet enables you to copy over a new blank worksheet if you need it.

Three different categories of spending have been assumed:

  • Constant expenditure: this includes all spending lines that don’t change very often.
  • Changeable expenditure: includes all spending that can be negotiated at certain times like insurance, telephony etc.
  • Variable expenditure: this includes food, drinks, clothes, entertainment etc. and is the part of your budget that is easiest to reduce fast. It is also the part of your budget that can easily expand and should be carefully watched.

Count every penny.

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