Never Bet on Red

Never bet on red - the book

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“This book is unlike any other book on debt I’ve read – Maria approaches debt-freedom from the angle of a complete mindset transformation. Even though I’ve been debt free for a while now, this book still taught me a lot about my relationship with money (and how I could fix it!).” – Scott Nelson

I LOVED this book. It is the financial equivalent of how to avoid yoyo dieting. It treats debt and your money as a social/psychological issue. It recognises that many people get into problems through fear and/or shame and teaches you how to square up to that and see those demons off. This is a no shame-no blame approach to getting you to the point where you can drive your own financial bus. The book is packed with genuinely useful strategies and tactics. Written in a really friendly and accessible style, I think this book should be handed out by debt counsellors and the like. Wonderful!” – R L Boden

“Best investment I’ve made this year by far. This isn’t just a guide as to how to become debt free, it’s a guide to life. Changing your mindset is crucial in so many different situations and by taking Maria’s frank advice, understanding causes and actions and applying the philosophy to any situation, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.” – Janey H.