Movement for Prosperity Empowerment

Movement for Prosperity Empowerment

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Movement for Prosperity Empowerment

The Movement for Prosperity Empowerment is not just a personal finance education program; it’s a supportive community.

It aims to enable and inspire financially fragile people to achieve prosperity by becoming financially healthy. By joining, you gain access to online courses, group and one-to-one mentoring and a supportive network of people who understand your journey, share their knowledge, and provide encouragement. This mutual support can significantly enhance your path towards financial stability, making you feel included and valued.

Financial fragility is not simply about money; it is about life and can profoundly affect your or your household’s well-being.

Financial fragility is characterised by a lack of sufficient savings, high levels of debt, and inadequate access to emergency funds or credit. This can make it challenging to cope with unexpected expenses or income disruptions, such as job loss and house repairs, leading to constant financial stress.

There are different levels of financial fragility, and we provide tools to measure them. As a rule of thumb, however, you are:

  • Extremely financially fragile if you have a high level of debt, low savings and investments, no assets, low income, no emergency fund, no retirement savings, limited knowledge about personal finance and a closed mindset.
  • Moderately financially fragile if you have moderate debt, some savings and investments, some albeit limited assets, average income, small emergency fund, some retirement savings, some, but insufficient, knowledge about personal finance and an open mindset.
  • Mildly financially fragile if you have low debt, moderate savings and investments, assets, average to high income, sufficient emergency fund, retirement savings, knowledge about personal finance and an open mindset.

Being financially fragile also means that likely:

  • You have no budget.
  • You rely on credit.
  • You (on occasion) use high-interest loans.
  • You stress about money most of the time.

Imagine a life without the crushing debt burden, with generous savings, investments, and a regular and sufficient income. Picture having an emergency fund, retirement savings, and a good grasp of personal finance. Visualise waking up every morning excited that you have choices and can live YOUR life. This is what prosperity looks like.

Prosperity, or financial and life security, is a state of calm when one doesn’t rely on credit or high-interest loans and feels hopeful and motivated about the future.

Our vision of prosperity is not just about financial wealth. It’s about holistic well-being, including economic, physical, and emotional elements. More specifically, our vision of prosperity consists of three elements:

  • Financial health
  • Mental resilience
  • Physical health

This view of prosperity will inspire and motivate you to live the life you want.

You can achieve prosperity if you are ready to work towards several transitions. Most important among these are the following:

  • High debt => Low or no debt
  • Low/irregular income => Higher income and diverse income streams
  • No savings => Easy access savings to cover at least six months of living expenses
  • No emergency fund => Adequate emergency fund
  • No budget => Sound budgeting
  • No assets => Growing assets
  • No insurance => Adequate insurance cover
  • No retirement savings => Sufficient retirement funds
  • No knowledge of finance => Growing financial knowledge
  • Stressed about money => Relaxed about money
  • Closed mindset => Open mindset
  • Mentally fragile => Unstoppable
  • Physically unfit => High fitness
  • Neglecting your health => Looking after self
  • Consumer => Producer

Are you ready to join the Movement for Prosperity Empowerment?

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