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How to Make £1000 a Month (& Stop Stressing About Money)


Here is how to make £1000 a month using your existing skills and stop stressing about money.

You can’t do much about the cost of living crisis – prices and inflation keep creeping up.

But you can ensure that you navigate it better by generating monthly income above your regular pay.

Making £1000 a month could cover (mostly) your monthly bills and open the possibility of pursuing your dreams. No matter whether you crave the security of debt-free living, dream about buying a home or your heart is set on achieving financial independence.

You could also start living on your terms with £1000 more per month in your pocket.

Still, you and I live in the real world and know that making £1000 a month is impossible, especially on top of what you already earn from your employment.

how to make 1000 a month


Let’s return to the grind and forget our hopes for a different future.

Not so fast. I am here to hand you the roadmap to £1000 monthly and more. You don’t have to be a genius to do it; being disciplined and dedicated is enough.

I will share ways to make £1000 monthly in the UK to get you started.

Some of these ideas could make you more than £1,000 a month – you know me, guys; I like to be conservative. Other ideas are probably a bit inappropriate, and I included them because…well, just because.

Let’s begin. (And buckle up because together, we will turn your fear into the power to make you unstoppable.)

How to Make £1000 a Month Quickly?

how to make 1000 a monthPhoto by abi ismail on Unsplash

Here is how to regularly make £1000 a month and use your existing skills.

You must expand this list to suit your needs, gifts, skills and opportunities.

  1. Drive a taxi at night. I’ve been researching this one and talking to taxi drivers. Apparently, driving a taxi on Friday and Saturday night is fairly lucrative and can make, on average, £200 per night; and this is without the tips. Snag is that if you don’t own the car, you must give half of this to the owner. This is a quick way to make money if you already have a driver’s license and are over 21; you can start driving for Uber fairly promptly.
  2. Buy a taxi and hire a driver. This links immediately to the previous idea; in this case, you don’t have to drive a taxi. If you have money to invest, you can buy a taxi and hire a driver. However, you’ll have to know the industry and have a very solid connection.
  3. Start a cleaning business. A cleaning business is very different from simply cleaning one or two houses in your spare time. Cleaning a private house is okay, but the much bigger money is in commercial cleaning: hotels, offices and hospitals (though for hospitals, one probably needs to meet strict criteria).
  4. Rent out a room in your house if you have it (this one won’t make the whole amount, but it helps). This is one of the quickest ways to make money – you can place an advert immediately and have a lodger within a week.
  5. Write a naughty novel (or any book at least 1,000 people would like to read). This is not for everyone, but if you are one of the people who can do it, please go for it. E. L. James (author of ’50 Shades’) earned $95 million in the first year of publication and has been making a cool $10 million yearly since (not including the film rights and royalties). You probably won’t be able to do this; the important point is that her success made it okay to read this book, and the market is blooming. Of course, you’ll have to publish it as an e-book.
  6. Make and/or mend things. If you are crafty, you can always start a side hustle of hand-making stuff. I’ve seen people selling embroidery, crocheting items, knitting for people, mending clothes etc.
  7. Work in a nightclub. This is the one I was saying maybe mildly inappropriate. During my career as a university professor, though, I’ve had several students who paid for their education by working in night clubs. They always remembered that they were in it for the money; they were also very good at it, I’m told.
  8. Cater for events. There is money to be made by catering for events. To do it, though, you’ll have to be able to cook naturally. More importantly, you must understand nutrition to create appealing menus and organise events.

How to Make £1000 a Month Working From Home


how to make 1000 a monthPhoto by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

  1. Build a blog. Blogs can be monetised in a variety of ways. My research shows that blogs can start making money after six months and a year of hard work. It is not easy, and it needs single-mindedness, dedication and front-loading; still, once a blog start making money, it can be pretty passive or fairly low input.
  2. Buy a blog. Apparently (and I am about to test this one), buying a blog and monetising it can be quite profitable.
  3. Set up websites. If you have the skill, go for it. Many people out there need or want to start a website and have absolutely no idea how to go about it. I know people who charge £800 ($1,300) for setting up a relatively simple site that takes a couple of working days.
  4. Open an e-bay shop/online shop. Most trade these days goes via the Internet. Retail rules and salesmanship are different but the customer base is very large (if you are skilled enough to reach it). Great growth potential.
  5. Start Forex trading. You can make enough money online with Forex Trading to pay your monthly bills. Some people make considerably more. Forex trading is like playing poker: Lady Fortune plays a role, but winning mainly depends on the skill and how you ‘play your hand’. Trading Forex is a high-entry activity, and you need to learn the basics first; you can do this on many trading platforms.  If you decide to try trading, please use the platform’s dummy account to practice. Trade for real only after you’ve mastered the basics and learned to control your emotions. Good luck.
  6. Build apps. With this one, the thing is to have many ideas and keep trying. I know people who make money from apps; some make much more than they need to pay monthly bills. There are no guarantees, though.
  7. Edit technical and professional texts. There is a demand for good editors to work on PhD theses, academic journal articles and other publications. All part of the international academic game dominated by English language journals and training.

Other (Unusual) Ways to Make £1000 Extra Monthly

Here are some less orthodox ways to make £1,000 (and over) per month.

  1. Rent out your car. Services like Turo allow you to rent your car when you’re not using it.
  2. Become a movie extra. Register with an agency, and you might land a background role in film or TV.
  3. Rent your garden. If you have a nice garden, rent it out for events or as a community garden.
  4. Become a mystery shopper. Companies pay mystery shoppers to shop at their stores and provide feedback about their experience.
  5. Rent your parking space. If you live in a busy area, you could rent your driveway or parking space when you’re not using it.
  6. Rent your EV charger. Some apps allow you to advertise the availability of your EV charger and keep track of customers, rates, earnings etc.
  7. Become a professional organiser. Consider offering your services if you have a knack for decluttering and organizing.
  8. Start a pet party planning business: Pet parties are increasingly popular. Offer your services to plan these events.
  9. Become a personal shopper: Offer your services to those who don’t have time to shop.

Make £1000 a Month and Forget Your Money Worries

Now you know that you can make £1000 a month.

You also have some specific money-making ideas to play with. These are not for entertainment, and reading them is not enough. You must try them, modify them, and own them.

Start immediately by selecting one money-making idea. Write it down. Research how to implement it. Discuss it with three people – talk over the ins and outs, the merits and pitfalls of the money-making idea. After that, implement!

It didn’t work? Try again.

Select a different idea and try it. Again. Again. Again.

Persist until you have made enough money to chase your dreams.

Select one idea and act on it. Now.

photo credit: Chris Devers via photopin cc

(This post was updated in May 2023.)

16 thoughts on “How to Make £1000 a Month (& Stop Stressing About Money)”

  1. Another one getting popular round our way is renting our your driveway. If you’re out during the day and have an empty driveway people will pay to park there, as it still works out cheaper for them than using a public car park. Its a win-win!

    • @SkintInTheCity: Renting out your drive? Now, this is very interesting and if anyone out there lives in a location where this is possible great idea. Needs to be combined with something else because I doubt it will make £1,000 per month (or would it?).

  2. Childrens entertainment, Bouncy Castles, Wedding Photography, Vintage Car Hire etc
    But I think that writing a guide to making side income would be the best money spinner as thats what everyone is trying to do.

  3. I already have a day job and several side hustles but I am always looking for ways to expand my income. Lately I’ve been considering opening a shop on Etsy. I’ve discovered a talent that I have apparently for making printables for weddings. The competition is fierce on there, but it would be fun and not too serious.

    • @Daisy: Go for it! This kind of thing is not open to me – I haven’t got a crafty bone in my body. In fact the craft lessons at school were the only ones where I had to cheat and bribe people to do my work (usually by promising to do their maths, which is kind of interesting).

  4. I make local documentaries about the everyday things that are all around us, landmarks, points of interest, historical buildings etc and also a few documentaries about my hobbies, mostly cb radio and electronics, however I haven’t got a clue how to monetise any of it. I use a few services like Adsense etc but to be honest it only makes pennies not pounds, how would advise a local documentarian like me to make a little bit of coin??

  5. Some great ideas, I would love to make £1000 per month, while its obviously a rock bottom wage by today’s standards I have worked for much less in the past, money is not everything, but it helps

  6. I do a couple of these – namely blogging and selling on eBay. I do okay on the eBay side, not enough to pay all my bills, but it definitely helps. Blogging, well, doesn’t bring in much. But I mostly use free platforms, so anything it brings in is positive.

    I’m somewhat interest in Forex / options trading, but I need to do more research. I also have a goal to publish an Android app this year, although I plan to make a simple one and it probably won’t make much money, if any, itself.

    • @JoeHx: I had a look at the report on your site – not bad. Income from blogging takes time to build and is always unpredictable (except if you build a very prosperous online business and this goes far beyond blogging).

  7. Thanks for sharing a valuable & informative post. It is really helpful to everybody. Getting the Debt Relief Order UK services to overcome your debts may sound great, but at the same time, it might be confusing as to how exactly they help with debt reduction.

  8. My favourite right now is self-insurance. Rather than insure a phone (for example) for £7.50 a month, hold £1000 in premium bonds and buy a new one if needed. This avoids the hassle of dealing with an insurance company and means you get a new and better phone. This works better with sim only deals as the calls and data are much cheaper.

    £90 saved insurance premiums.
    £150 saved phone charges.

    £240 a year saved.. plus you might win on the bonds!

    This principle may be extended to all kinds of risks

  9. I have read all the interesting Ideas and them very really fantastic.’
    I need help here, I make hand crafts, bags, beaded necklaces and the lot.Friends advised I sell on internet, but I really don’t know how, I tried to attend a computer class, but when covid came i gave up.
    can someone volunteer or help to set me up please? At a concession rate, or we can work together until Im set up and confident?

  10. Hi Maria
    I work in the film industry but have also had many side hustles from selling second hand cars, being an actor and film in which I am currently in a poppy lottery commercial…I play the taxi drive, having an ebay business, and mostly these days trade the stock market, which is what my blog is mainly about. love the other ideas.


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