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100 words on life and exercise

When I sweat in the gym and people ask me ‘does exercise ever get easier’ I have a simple answer: ‘no’. Exercise is not supposed to get easier; when this happens it means that you are not working hard enough and are not getting fitter. If you find exercise easy do yourself a favour and increase the intensity; or leave the gym and go to the nearest coffee bar instead.

Life and exercise are very much alike in this – neither of them is worth it when it gets easy. Is your life easy? If it is, step up a gear!

PS: Yes, this is me at Brighton marathon; 100 m from the finish line and it hurts!

21 thoughts on “100 words on life and exercise”

    • @MUM: I have done several, in fact. Loch Ness was the most beautiful and hardest. Now I want to move to ultra-marathons but John is treatening to leave me if I do; or up my life insurance :smile:.

  1. This post makes me want to go the extra mile and achieving my goals. It also makes me want to set higher goals. I agree, when your exercises get easy you need to increase the intensity or add more weight.

  2. It’s important to think about stretching ourselves outside our comfort zones and our current level of accomplishments. Good analogy, using excercise being easier as a need to step up the intensity. A little comfort zone time is ok, but then we’re primed for push forward to better things.


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