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If you fall in debt, would it be forever…

When people fall in love they assume that it is forever. Despite evidence to the contrary I am still to meet anyone who falls in love just for ‘the season’. Strangely, when people first realise how much consumer debt they are in, they have the feeling that it is forever as well. Only difference is that this is not the light headed feeling of love but the suffocating dread of getting a life sentence. At least this is how I felt when I first realised how serious the situation really was.

If the peeps at Positive Money are to be believed and debt is really a mathematical certainty, you have either been, are or will be in debt. There are two approaches to debt: it is either ignored till it is too late or people decide to do something about it; like pay it off.  In any case, it feels forever. It doesn’t have to be and here is how we can ensure that debt is temporary, it is a glitch in our movement towards wealth, prosperity and abundance.