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Personal Finance for Women from Women: reading resource

There was some news about personal finance for women that broke just in time for International Women’s Day. It turns out the main finding of a study analysing 300 personal finance articles was that 90% of the ones directed to women were about ‘reigning in’ spending while 70% of the articles aimed at men were about ‘playing the game’ and ‘seizing market opportunities’.

You see; there is personal finance for women, it is just not the personal finance that a modern, empowered woman want to hear about.

While I’d agree whole heartedly that women have a different relationship with money than men (just like women relate differently to many other areas of life) the difference is not that women spend money like there is no tomorrow and men go and do the arduous work of earning it. This is a stereotype that, if even, may have been close to some reality in the 1950s.

Problem is, the stereotype may have outlived its usefulness but the assumptions behind it still condition behaviour.

Hence, today I decided to offer you personal finance for women from women. The blog posts below were written by UK personal finance bloggers to celebrate International Women’s Day.

(You can also check out my post ‘5 Lame Excuses so Women Don’t Invest’.)

Here they are:

  • Are you ready to invest?’ asks Faith from Much More with Less. What made me select this post as one of my favourites is that it offers a good check list of conditions that tell you that you are ready. Read it, think about it and go for it – investing is for all.
  • I’ve read a lot of stuff on raising boys – yes, I have raised three boys. Mamafurur, while raising boys, has some spot on money wisdom for girls.
  • The Money Whisperer wrote a letter to her daughters. Wow! I love all of it and wish someone told me this when I was a little girl. My favourite quote: “You stay an equal. You keep talking, understanding, making decisions together. It doesn’t matter who contributes financially and who contributes in other ways, if you are making a life together, you should be managing your money together.”
  • Nicola from The Frugal Cottage discusses the reasons more women aren’t investing and a lot of it seems to boil down to role models. (There are women in the finance industry who can be role models for other women, but these are few and their voices are lost in these male dominated domains.)
  • This naturally leads us to the importance of inspiration. Mrs Mummy Penny shares with us the stories of the women who inspire her. What I like about it, that she didn’t go for the ‘important role models’ but talked about everyday women that make her life brighter.

This is all for today, friend. Hope you enjoy reading this personal finance blog posts for women form women.

Speak soon.

photo credit: BudCat14/Ross Vintage Ad (1951) via photopin (license)

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