Your Money Story Must Not Be One of Despair and Deprivation (And the Secret Ingredient to Help You Transform the Script)


You and I have heard many stories about money that spell despair and deprivation. However, your money story doesn’t have to be like that: you can transform the script from one of despair and deprivation to empowerment and success beyond your most untamed dreams.

While the media loves a sob story – playing on your emotions, specifically on negative emotions, is what keeps you reading and clicking – that doesn’t have to be your life or the life of your friends and loved ones.

Drama beloved by the press aside, there is a sound reason for many to live their heart-breaking money stories. Here is the thing:

We pay too much attention to knowledge and assume that people fail or succeed because of what they know.

Money experts, the very people who have made it their mission to help others with their money problems, bombard us with knowledge and information.

What I know from experience (and research) is that:

Most people fail because they lack inspiration, not because they don’t know enough.

It applies to most areas of life, including how you approach your debt, making money, investing, and spending money.

Don’t believe me?

Have you resolved in the past to pay off your debt only to find that a fortnight later, have done nothing about it (except deciding that next week you will most certainly tackle this pesky debt)? You, my friend, need to develop the ‘debt-busting lust’ that can be found through reading inspirational stories. (Okay, you need more than that, but feeling inspired is an excellent start.)

Your money story: the two faces of inspiration

Okay, maybe inspiration has many faces. Here, I will tell you about two because they are essential for transforming your money script and changing your money story into empowerment and success.

Please indulge me and join me in viewing inspiration as having two faces – one of these is about inspirational stories leaving you eager to achieve your dreams and impatient to be on your way. These are the kind of stories opening your eyes to seeing that what you believed to be impossible is just improbable, and you can improve the odds.

Inspiration’s second face is about having ‘meaning’, or a ‘big dream’. Having a meaning, having something to make us move ahead, is vital. In his book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, Victor Frankl tells that they always knew who has lost meaning in the concentration camp and would throw themselves on the electric wire – people who have no meaning, no reason to stay alive smoked their cigarettes.

Don’t smoke your cigarettes! Instead, remember what gives meaning to your life, dream the BIG dream, and sort out your money and your life promptly.

Why am I telling you all that (or how to transform your money story)?

I wish I could help you regain the meaning of your life, but I can’t – this is a personal matter, and I have no place to poke my nose there.

Still, there is something I can do for you to help you re-write your money story – I can offer you the inspirational stories of people who have transformed their money and their lives.

I already published the first story but didn’t know that it will is the first of several. It is the story of a woman who comes from a humble background and is today a very successful property investor. It took her slightly over twenty years to build her blossoming property portfolio, and on the way, she had to cope with people telling her that ‘…people like us don’t do that.’ When you need the inspiration to reach beyond the most basic assumptions of background and class and chase your big dream, read this story.

I also have several inspirational stories in the pipeline and will share them with you over the next several weeks.

Meanwhile, I want you to remember that you can get anywhere you want to be with your money and in your life. I mean it! All you need is inspiration, knowledge, and mastery to change the conditions of your life.

Photo by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash

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