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100 words on ‘understanding’ and ‘changing’ life

Marx’s eleventh thesis on Feuerbach states: ‘philosophers have only interpreted the world; the point is to change it.’ It seems to me that this is very significant and applicable not only to society and economy, but also to our mundane everyday lives.

I often hear myself asking ‘why did you leave your plate on the table?’ instead of saying ‘take your plate off the table’. Many people spend long time figuring life out when all they need is to change it.

The Money Principle on ‘understanding’ and ‘changing’ life:

Life is for living; remember this when trying to understand it!

12 thoughts on “100 words on ‘understanding’ and ‘changing’ life”

    • @Shaun: Marx has real gems; particularly in his early work. This thesis is a marvel.The 100 words is Len Penzo’s baby – I just liked it and decided to experiment. It is so much fun to write these little pieces. And exactly 100 words!

  1. Very wise Maria. Yes we need to spend time enjoying life not always figuring out the reasons why something happens. Things just happen sometimes and that is the way it is. However I find it a fine balance between living life and taking time to appreciate each moment.

  2. I adore the 100-word format – succinct, applicable! I also find myself asking my husband (my children, my dogs, the driver in front of me on the expressway) “why don’t you just…?” I am so rhetorical sometimes; I need to be more literal!

    • @Elizabeth: Thanks; it is feels wonderful to experiment with short texts as well. Takes as long as a 700 word post, mind, but I end up pleased with the outcome more often. I am most fascinated by the fact that this tango-like writing style is already spilling over in my other writing (the one done for day job).

    • @Aaron Hung: you are not alone in this one. I tend to worry about stuff a bit too much and don’t cope with the bad very well either. Have a friend who always tells me that life has a way of sorting itself out. I suspect she is right!


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