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Net Worth TV on Leveraging College to Help You Succeed

Going to college can be a great way to advance you personally.  For many high school graduates, college is a must.  The reason is education to set them up to succeed in the future.  In fact, many jobs now look for college graduates exclusively, rather than making it the exception for management.  So, for people looking to succeed in life, college is a must.

However, Net Worth TV with Terry Bradshaw looks at how it takes more than just going to college to help you succeed.  You need to leverage college in several key ways to be more successful.  Millions of students go to college each year, so you need to set yourself apart when going to school to make your college experience more valuable.  Here are some key ways that students can leverage their college experience to set them up for success.

College Degrees Matter

When you go to college, it is important to really consider the college degree that you want to major in carefully.  Regardless of what others say, your college degree really does matter.  If you get a liberal arts degree in history, art, or English, you will most likely earn less than your peers after graduation.  However, over the long run, you can even the playing field, but it requires you to select specific career tracks that will allow for you to advance beyond the engineers.

You also want to choose a career course that matter to you.  Don’t just pick a major because you think it will make you loads of money when you graduate.  Pick something that you are passionate in, but be aware of the next point – the cost of education.

Net Worth TV on Avoiding Debt

Education costs continue to rise.  Net Worth TV notes that more and more students are taking on more debt than they can afford when they go to school.  This is due to the rising cost of education, while at the same time students increasing desire to further their education.

It is important to look at the costs and benefits of school when you are thinking about attending and choosing your degree.  If you are planning on a major that won’t make you very much money after graduation, but it is something you’re really passionate about, you should pursue it.

But, you should make sure the costs of getting the degree are inline with your expectations of salary after graduation.  Don’t spend $100,000 on your education if you are only going to make $30,000 a year when you graduate.  That just doesn’t make financial sense.

Networking is Important

While in school, networking is extremely important.  You should build a network of friends and peers across different majors so that you have a network of people you can interact with after graduation.  You want to make sure that you maintain contact with these people often, because you never know when you’ll be able to leverage a connection later on life.

Many people also get their first jobs due to networking rather than skills.  Since most people don’t have many skills after graduation, it all depends on who you know, not what you know.

Utilize the Alumni Network

Finally, Net Worth Television Series highlights that many colleges and universities build and maintain strong alumni networks that their students can leverage if needed.  Many times these are used for fundraising, but many career centers also maintain strong alumni ties so that students can get in touch with working alumni for job connections and career advice.

This can be a great way to interact with potential employers or would-be mentors.  These people can also provide career guidance and advice for applying for various jobs.

You never know whom you could meet in an alumni network.  So just like building your own network, leverage the network the school you’ve attended has built for you.

2 thoughts on “Net Worth TV on Leveraging College to Help You Succeed”

  1. As a reasonably recent graduate, I haven’t utilised my Alumni Network yet – thanks for the reminder! 🙂  In my graduate job, I have quickly realised that networking is the single most important thing to progress my career!

  2. I keep hearing about this tv show and really need to check it out. One of the biggest regrets I have is going to a small university. Not only did they coddle us but the networking opportunities among alumni are slim to none. It wasn’t until years later that I realized going to college added absolutely no value to my life other than the relationships I established there. Therefore it is for that reason that I wish I attended a more prestigious university. This way I could have started creating a powerful/influential network at a young age. 


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