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Personal Finance Olympics: from a ‘dark horse’ to a ‘finalist’?

Yeah, it seems I am getting a taste for competitions lately. And yes, my readers, I do realise that I may be trespassing on your good will, and this message may be stretching the boundaries of dignified self-promotion, but I need one more push so hoping you all feel generous.

Sometime ago, I was approached by the organisers of the Personal Finance Olympics at GoBankingRates to enter this competition with an article entitled ‘SOS Debt Management: is debt consolidation worth it?’. So I did, thinking that simply being asked is a great honour; and it is!

For my surprise my article has been ranking 3-4 in my group (and these a large groups, trust me) since the beginning of the competition. To be a finalist I need to be third – so not impossible; in fact a realistic prospect.

Voting ends tomorrow, Sunday, and at the moment every vote counts. I know we can do it but I need your support. Please vote for my article by clicking on the ‘vote for me’ button on the GoBankingRates badge to the right.

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