Personal Finance Olympics: I am putting up a fight

personal finance olimpics

The personal finance olimpics at GoBankingRates is in full swing.

There are events that are so great that simply taking part is an honour. For me running marathons is a bit like that: taking part and finishing is great; winning is delusional.

When couple of weeks back I was approached by Andrea from GoBankingRates. com and asked to submit my article ‘SOS Debt Management: Is Debt Consolidation Worth It?’ to the Personal Finance Olympics – an event partnered by FinCon 2012 – I thought that winning, or even coming close, is delusional.

Guess what? After two days of voting, my article ranks fourth in its category – The Money Principle is after The Jenny Pincher, Kylie Ofiu and Bible Money Matters (well, yesterday I was third). So, the personal finance olimpics is not so out of my league.

Winning the personal finance olimpics is still beyond my wildest dreams but not such a delusion. Competition is tough and The Money Principle needs help. If you have a minute and feel generous please vote at


It is a great honour to take part but it is still about winning; or at least not giving up without a good fight.

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