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The Money Principle Needs You!

I have been blogging for a decent length of time now (well over a year) and during this time I have had great time making you think, providing information and entertaining. My writing had developed and this March past I finally completed my 10,000 hours.

During this time I have been a bit shy doing the things bloggers should do – entering competitions and contests. Several week back though I decided that it is time to stop sitting ‘nice and pretty’ in cyber space and wait for people to come to me; that it is time for some proper contests in the arena of personal finance blogging.

I entered the Tour de Personal Finance over on the My Personal Finance Journey. Now it is time to vote.

I would really appreciate it if you follow this link


and at least read my entry – Money for all seasons. If you like it – it is one of my favourites, obviously – vote for me. It will make my day, week and month to win; if I don’t at least I would like to lose with honour and dignity.

These are the rules of the contest.

I would appreciate you support – and fast.

15 thoughts on “The Money Principle Needs You!”

  1. That was a very interesting article. It’s toying with my mind. Here’s why:

    I’m currently 26 years old. The way the average worker lives seems to be 40 years of winter and then once they retire, it’s Spring! According to your seasons, I’m backwards. I’m in Spring now and working towards winter. That must mean I need to slow down and enjoy the spring, right? I don’t want to grow up? 

    • @A Blinkin: Well, it may seem like Spring to retire but in terms of your liofe span you are entering Winter – your spring is now. And you should enjoy Spring – and invest in your self but not only by formal, informal education but also by building experiences, experimenting with…well, life generally. Waiting to build experiences till you are in Winter is a strategy that can fire back.


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