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Tour de Personal Finance: The Money Principle is in the Final

I am really excited – Money for all seasons, The Money Principle is taking article in Tour de Personal Finance over at My Personal Finance Journey, is in the final sprint.

Having won against one of my favourite bloggers – Kylie Ofiu – in the final we are competing against Free from Broke: a smoking hot website and a really good article by Melissa. Oh, and I fall in the camp believing that we have to charge our Boomerang children rent.

We can still win this! So if you think that Money for all seasons is a worthy article and if you would like to tell the personal finance community so go and vote at:


This link will take you to the page where the final contest takes place. You need to write a comment saying either ‘seasons’ (this is for us) or …well the other word (for the other player in the arena). I sure hope you say ‘seasons’ – I so much want to win this.

12 thoughts on “Tour de Personal Finance: The Money Principle is in the Final”

  1. Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to all who voted for me – so far, so good. Things is, voting ends on Thursday so loads more time.

    Interestingly, I am in Paris; near the place where the ‘real thing’ finishes.  

    • Thanks, Joe; I am off for a run tomorrow morning – apart from being in training I will have a really hard day here dealing with large organisations and change.


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