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A Nice Girl changing her money profile

Last week I told you about my scores according to the test in Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich. I also told you what the verdict of the test was and that I did ‘get moving’ as instructed in no uncertain terms. What I didn’t tell you is what my reaction to the score was, what I discovered and where I am today. This is what I’ll do in this post.

I am an avid reader and until recently I, like most people around, read paper book. I hardly ever write on the book – for me this is disrespectful to the author of the book and to the book. I like my books in good condition, read but not shabby and used. Having this attitude, you may imagine what strength of emotion and speed of thinking can make me write in the margins of a book? Very strong! I have written in two books in my entire life – and this, as it happens is one of them. When I opened it last week to write the post I saw the following:

‘Tragedy!’ – written after the interpretation of the test results.

When I started analysing my dismal responses I had hand-written in the margin:

Being rich is wrong!

I can’t do it anyway.

Why should I do it; how about him?

I have to learn the financial game!

Learn about investments and about building assets!

Stop convincing myself that money is not important!

Spending control; think about your wants and develop the ‘awareness’/’protected wants’ concept.

This is what and how I thought fifteen months ago and these are the directions I had thought of moving into. I will at some point expand on where I am on each of these but for now it suffices to say that the three ‘stoppers’ have been eliminated and the rest is well under way. I decided to repeat the test and see whether I have really progressed. The table below shows my results fifteen months ago (upper row) and today (bottom row). The maximum number of points in every column is six.

When? Getting in the money game Taking charge of your financial life Spending your money wisely Learning money basics Saving and investing for future wealth Maximising you financial potential at work Playing it smart with your money


Last year 2 3 6 3 1 1 2 18
Now 6 6 6 6 4 4 4 36

What an improvement this is! And in ‘Saving and investing for future wealth’ one point is lost because of the pension differences in the US and in the UK – my analysis shows that there is no much point investing in pension accounts at the moment; this is why I don’t do it not because I have not considered it.

Even more importantly, my overall score is a whooping 36; this is what it says:

“If you are not already financially independent, you are doing a great job of getting there. Continue what you are doing…”

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