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An insurance community serving the public: a review of Ampminsure


Ampminsure is a platform bringing together an insurance community, aiming to help the public  by solving their insurance related queries. It’s dedicated to serve the consumers and guide them towards better understanding of how the insurance industry functions. However, the Ampminsure community is different from other insurance platforms because it’s immediate aim is not commercial gain.


Ampminsure has set out to make people ‘insurance smart’, which means that it tries to educate the general public about insurance products, trends and the industry. Apart from the basic knowledge, the site also assists the visitors by solving their specific insurance queries. It attempts to create a sense of community by bringing in experts who have been working in the insurance field and have knowledge pertaining to anything and everything related to the insurance industry. The community acts as a link between different insurance companies, attorneys, agents, lawyers, adjusters and others who are veterans in the field. All of them take part in productive discussions and spread awareness amongst the consumers.


Insurance is a vast subject, which can be immensely confusing. Besides, the insurance industry keeps on evolving to serve the varying requirements of the consumers. Ampminsure is segregated into separate sections to simplify insurance ideas and to serve specific needs of the consumers.

  • Insurance Forum – The forum section is the backbone of the site, lending Ampminsure the feel of being a ‘community’. The forum segment is subdivided into diverse sections to cater the varying insurance requirements related to auto, life, health, home, disability, business, company and specialty insurance along with a separate section which talks about the insurance frauds and scams that revolve in the market. Click here is you wish to join the community.
  • Auto Insurance – Points out how auto insurance offers protection to the vehicle owners.
  • Health Insurance – Explains the importance of health care plans for individuals.
  • Life Insurance – Throws light on life insurance policies and other associated products, and how they come to be of use.
  • Home Insurance – Indicates why it’s vital to protect the roof above the consumer’s head and the possessions inside the property.
  • Disability Insurance – Enlightens the consumer that why is it important to insure the ability to earn, and how a disability insurance policy offers income protection.
  • Insurance Terminology – Tries to educate the consumers about the common terms used in the insurance market.
  • Calculators – Financial tools which help consumers to assess their individual insurance requirements.
  • USA Auto Insurance Laws – Points out how the different US states impose minimum limits of liability coverage that each vehicle owner needs to carry.
  • Community Blog – Guest writers and insurance experts share their knowledge on various topics related to the insurance industry.
  • Insurance Experts Corner – Consumers can directly contact the insurance professionals and experts who are members of the community, and seek insurance related guidance.

What makes Ampminsure different?

These are six characteristics of this platform that make it stand out; Ampminsure:

  1. Offers practical customer feedbacks and free service related to any form of insurance
  2. Invites experts who answer personalized insurance queries
  3. There is no barrier regarding participation in the community
  4. Doesn’t allow promotional links or advertisements from other profit-oriented companies
  5.  Puts forward a scope before the community members, so that they can earn through active and industrious participation
  6. Doesn’t work for profit generation

Ampminsure is a trusted source, which imparts information about the US insurance industry. The A+ rating according to the Better Business Bureau further emphasizes on the trustworthiness of the website.

This is a guest post by Sam Stockdale, a financial writer and a blogger. He writes on insurance topics and is associated with a number of insurance communities; he also takes part in discussion with regards to insurance related queries.

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  1. Anything that makes insurance easier is good in my books! Between reading the fine print and making sure you get only cover for what you need, it gets really confusing.


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