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Stories and our relationship with money

I know, I know; Thursday is a day for a book review. Or failing that, it is the day when I tell you about the lessons about money that I learn from books I read – any kind of book.

But this week has been really busy; I finished a very big report and I am in Sweden discussing the agenda for a very large research programme. I am really beat, so have no energy left for a book review. Instead, decided to tell you about something that has been going around my head for some time now and I could do with a bit of help figuring out.

You have probably already figured out that reading is my favourite pass time. I read anything – novel of varying virtue and quality, technical books, essays, philosophy, you name it. I am probably one of the few people that when visiting the Gulf was sitting in her hotel room reading about it rather than exploring it. Books for me frame my world view.

But let me tell you what I was thinking about.

I have almost pathological fear of debt. Generally, personal finance bloggers are not very keen on it and some hate it, others ‘love’ it, despise it or loath it. I really dread debt. When I first heard about the situation we were in I was mad; of course I was mad – I refused to take responsibility for it and blamed somebody else. Once having grasped the full extent of the debt I went to pieces – fear constricted my throat, robbed me of my sleep and threatened to become part of my general world view.