Have you heard the news? The Money Principle is a ‘Mighty Site’!

Who out there is old enough to remember a very funny advert about, if I remember right, Australian beer? There is this guy jumping up and down the street and laughing, there was the impression of heat – probably the only thing that made one think about beer. Then a catholic priest appears; the guy approaches him, smiles and says:

‘Padre, I spent last night with two blond, beautiful, nymphomaniac twins!’

‘If you want to confess, come to church, my son. Why are you telling me this here?’ – replies the priest.

‘Because I am telling everybody!’ – shouts the guy grinning from ear to ear.

Well, I am in a similar situation tonight. No, it is not nymphomaniac twins; it is so much more exciting than that (gosh, I have become a nerd).

Today, The Money Principle made it on the TotallyMoney Top Blog Awards – as one of five Mighty Sites that are ‘making waves in the popularity stakes’.

Thank you so much, guys. We are touched, excited and surprised.

And of course a fat, big thank you goes to our readers – without you, rocking the popularity stakes won’t be possible.

12 thoughts on “Have you heard the news? The Money Principle is a ‘Mighty Site’!”

  1. Congratulations! I love taking a look at the stats at the end of the month. It’s so much fun acknowledging the sites who’ve made the biggest leaps in progress.

    Massive congratulations for making the ‘Mighty Site’ winners this month!

  2. Congratulations, it just gets better in blog world! Still reading, even if I can’t always respond with an intellegent comment. Keep up the good work, hope you are okay.

  3. Big congrats! Yhough I don’t think i’ve ever seen that Aussie beer ad. But I can imagine someone like Tooheys or XXXX doing something similar. If you get a chance gop on youtube and find Jacko XXXX ads. That’s the lifestyle I’d like one day!!!


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