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Millionaire Maker? You must be kidding!

If this is what you thought you certainly need one; Millionaire Maker this is. The idea is simple and, regretfully, not mine. It comes from a book called ‘The One Minute Millionaire’ by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen. I have tried the Millionaire Maker and can assure you that it really works. But all in good time!

What is the Millionaire Maker?

Look at the picture and you are looking at the Millionaire Maker. It won’t cost you much; in fact it is very likely that it won’t cost you anything. You can use an elastic band, one of these things that come free and if you are anything like me you throw in the kitchen draw. You can go upmarket and use a bobble or an elastic hair band. It doesn’t matter – a Millionaire Maker is for vanity and has a very specific purpose. It is to change the way in which you think and potentially your life.

What does the Millionaire Maker do?

Some of the most damaging manifestations of negative mentality to our life and finances are in the way we think. Particularly, but not exclusively, in the way in which we think about our abilities, our chances of success, the way we look and generally our self esteem.

‘I’ll never manage to do this!’; ‘I am so dumb!’; ‘I have always been clumsy!’; ‘Why is anybody going to be interested in me?’; ‘What are they paying me a salary for?; ‘My life is a complete failure?’; ‘I can’t possibly do that! Everybody will laugh at me!’; etc. This is a selection of the self deprecating thoughts that I have from time to time and these are the kind of thoughts that stop us becoming what we could be; they paralyse us and we spend our lives caught in a cradle of fear and doubt.

The Millionaire Maker helps us control negative thoughts; be it negative thoughts about ourselves, about situations or about opportunities.

How does it work?

Simple! You wear the Millionaire Maker around your left wrist. For this to work you have to develop a level of mindfulness and start noticing negative thoughts as they occur. When you catch one you pull the Millionaire Maker and snap. You snap every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts. Wear the Millionaire Maker all the time for 30 days; and snap.

It hurts? Well, yes! This is how it works. It is called ‘pattern interrupt’ but the principle is Pavlovian – when you snap yourself when you think a negative thought, over a period of time your brain starts to associate negative thoughts with unpleasant experience; so it stops generating negative thoughts.

Using this technique will start changing your mentality using your thinking as an entry point. Try it – it is so worth it.

2 thoughts on “Millionaire Maker? You must be kidding!”

  1. I will be trying this one out from today, although I have to say I am quite a positive person usually. Doesn’t mean I don’t fall into the trap of having negative thoughts, which stop me from acting on something, then regretting it.
    Got my copy of ‘Good Girls don’t Get Rich’ so I will be using that as well to try and alter my thinking a bit.
    Thanks Maria, you are, as always, inspiring me to get on with it and make the changes in my life.

  2. Thanks, Helen, glad to be able to help. Good girls…is very good for working out all the ‘relationship with money’ stuff that we often have difficulties figuring out. As to the Millionaire Maker? What can I say – a life changer.


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