The Money Principle is Dead; Long Live The Money Principle


I created The Money Principle eleven years ago to share my journey towards money mastery and hold myself accountable. At the time, we were still in too much debt, and my grasp on personal finance was still tenuous at best.

Since then, our situation and The Money Principle have changed a lot.

We paid off all our consumer debt by February 2013; this was also when we started investing with Nutmeg. Over the years, we continued to grow our investments in stocks and shares, ETFs, mutual and index funds, and businesses.

The Money Principle changed from being the soapbox from which I told you what I’ve learned and where we are on our wealth building adventure to being an online space where I support people in money trouble, learn how to build wealth and never worry about money again.

The site’s looks changed as well. Not many will remember that when I started, The Money Principle was goldy yellow and entirely coded by John, my husband, inhouse techie and partner in dreaming. Next, my friend Jai designed a header playing on the red arrow that had already become our mark, and John recoded the site.

In 2018, we decided that The Money Principle looked a bit tired, and we needed to jazz it up. We also decided to outsource the work and have it professionally designed.

And I have probably regretted a decision more, but I don’t remember when. I should have listened to my gut and heart because these told me to sack the web designer we hired – he consistently ignored my specifications for the site and generally brushed me off as a mild and ignorant irritation. By that time, The Money Principle had won international blogging awards.

To cut a long story short, I ended up with a website that looked corporate (not me) and used the Divi theme that made it look overdone (not me) and slower than a snail on a lazy day (not me). After jazzing up my much-loved creation, I ended up with something that was so not me.

And it showed. I am sure that you have felt it if you are a long-standing reader of The Money Principle. Creating something that is not you feels like dancing in tight shoes – you can still do it, but the joy has been sucked out.

This version of The Money Principle is dead.

Today, we welcome the new version of The Money Principle.

Its appearance has changed – no Divi theme, no corporate feeling. It is clean, easy to navigate, fast, and most importantly, it is a place where I feel comfortable helping you learn, experiment, and build wealth. Hopefully, you will feel comfortable as well.

I am looking forward to offering inspiration, education, and entertainment because personal finance doesn’t have to be boring.

Are you ready to build wealth?

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