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Top Money Tips 12 June 2016: We All Need Some Inspiration


Gosh, this feels good!

My muscles gently tremble with exertion and a calm stillness has engulfed my mind. This is what yoga does to you.

Which brings me to my point: we all need inspiration to get on with our lives.

I have been drifting a bit lately. My body shows the signs of neglect and my mind has been a noisy roundabout of broken thoughts.

I’m experimenting with a three stage process to get me back on track.

One, I stopped talking about finding a good yoga class and just found one. Doing yoga under instruction twice a week feels good; next, I’ll start practicing every morning on my own. This will give me strength, flexibility and focus.

Two, I started swimming to re-gain some fitness without putting stress on my joints.

Three, I’ve started dreaming up some worthy aspirations for myself again (you see, I can’t even say ‘goals’ because I find them so restrictive.) I’ll keep you posted on this one.

Talking inspiration, this week’s top money tips are about that. Because if money underpins the substance of our lives, inspiration is the spicing that gives it its taste.

Here we go:

  • From life sentence to White House guest [CNN Money]: an incredibly powerful and inspirational story. My favourite bit? Someone said that this guy is ‘a dreamer who can execute’. Here we have it: the deepest secret to success.
  • Happiness is the only logical pursuit [Mr Money Mustache]: Mr Money Mustache is making some very interesting points here though I’m not sure that he need Maslow for that. I’d also add that happiness comes from leaving this world a better place than we found it.
  • The simple habits that make you feel invincible [Afford Anything]: Well, you feel that you’ve been in a bit of a black hole recently – a bit like me – read this. Than do it! You’d be surprised how much it helps.
  • Investing in Broadway: hoe we actually made money [CNN Money]: Even wanted to spruce up your investments? This is a way to go. Or you could invest in movies.
  • How one man makes a living off stocks [MrEverydayDollar.com]: You’d be justified to be sceptical considering how markets have been doing lately. It is true though: Saul Rosenthal (you can find him on the Motley Fool) lives off stock and has done for some time now. I believe the secret is the following: what is important is not how the markets are doing but how your portfolio is doing.

These are the five top money tips articles for this edition and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Have a great week!

photo credit: arrivederci italia via photopin (license)

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  1. Hello Maria! It was fun reading your blog..Yoga and swimming are the best ways to stay fit..I am a huge fan of Yoga and aasanas and I hope you are having fun.. The tips you mentioned above are very interesting and inspiring..Thanks!


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