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Top Money Tips 22 June 2014: don’t worry about money, be happy

top money tips

Welcome to this week’s edition of Top Money Tips, the weekly and very selective round-up at The Money Principle.

This week, I enjoyed some great posts; these are about money but not about spending it, managing it and storing it. These posts are about something more important: about how to think about money and life.


Five articles

Give yourself the gift of not worrying about money – Most people, spend most of their time worrying about money. This is not to say that they spend less; they just worry more. What Mr Money Mustache is proposing to do is to deliberately start worrying about money less; and start feeling rich.

Why is there income inequality? – Lately, I’ve been thinking that (absolute) poverty is no longer the problem; inequality is. In this article KrantCents discusses some of the factors commonly associated with income inequality. Glad to see he included ‘opportunities’ since there is a tendency amongst personal finance bloggers to put the blame squarely with the individual.

Your obsession with being the best is killing happiness – This is a very thought provoking article on the Financial Samurai. Go check it out! I’d say only one thing: Sam, Denmark is the happiest (self-reported) country in the world but my PhD student says this is because the statistics doesn’t include the suicides. Also, the Scandinavian countries are very wealthy with a good (still) welfare state (things like free education and healthcare). UK was seventeenth (when I looked last) followed by Mexico; go figure!

How meditation got me to six figures – A great piece from Hey Agatha including text video and a rap. Yeah, meditation is so awesomely weird, I agree.

The Big Rocks: how to prioritise your life and time – JD Roth reminds us that we have to figure out what is important for us – what are our big rocks – and focus on those. I appreciate the reminder: don’t know about you but I’ve been paying more attention to the sand in my life than to what really, really matters to me.

Other news or shameless self-promotion

Did you miss my posts on Enemy of Debt?

If you did miss them follow these links:

Two rules of wealth building and

Optimise your spending: eliminate waste in your life and budget

And you know what?

The former was featured on RockstarFinance.com and the latter has a picture I took in Helsinki (Finland) and you may like.

The Money Principle around the Web

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We are pleased and honoured; a big thanks goes to the hosts.

This is it for today, friends. Speak soon.

6 thoughts on “Top Money Tips 22 June 2014: don’t worry about money, be happy”

  1. Being the innate worrier that I am, I always thought what I wouldn’t give to not worry about money anymore. That said, I would love to spend my own sweet time reading the posts you suggested, particularly the first one on the list.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for the shout out! Am so looking forward to creating more awesomely weird rap songs about entrepreneurial and money success.

  3. Hi, I dont normally do this sort of thing, because I don’t have the answers to what people in my position live with, But and its a big But, there maybe some of you understanding good people out there who have the answer……??
    I am 53, i have dept which I blame on my 9 years and counting of long term unemployment, I no im Not alone, there are people who have been unemployed for much much longer! My believe is that this is a desease, it can only be cured if government and the employer have an understanding that just because we have this desease Doesn’t mean we are incapable or scared of working ever again! (And more importantly we have qualifactions, life skills, work experience and a better understanding of what goes on in the workplace.)
    That is a misconception and Not based on laziness or attitude.
    Long term unemployment cause anxiety and depression which is what it does to me, Everyone I no who have worked All their lives Never say “I no what your going through, I understand what its like! ” they simply Don’t and they Don’t judge, because there lives are more complete, if you are in the same predicament then I would be interested to hear your story. Thanks. Andy.


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