Where did my money go? On shoes, for one!

“Do not keep anything in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

It is Sunday evening and I thought this is the time for a lighter, more frivolous post. What is lighter and more frivolous than shoes? This is handy because yesterday, after weeks of procrastination, I finally tackled my shoes… and followed a familiar pattern from stern determination, through reflective consideration, to protective organisation. What do I mean?

I have already mentioned that I have forty two pairs of shoes and tend to live in three pairs – well now two because I threw away one – of basketball shoes. This could not continue! My shoes were everywhere – in the hall, in my wardrobe, in front of the house and at the back entrance. Pairs of shoes, sad and neglected! To top it all something vaguely resembling summer has arrived on the British Isles. My shoes had to be sorted and I am the one to do it – there is no buy out on this one.

Wearing my stern determination as a shield I attacked the matter using two weapons: ‘is this pair useful’ and ‘is this pair beautiful’. All shoes were lined and counted; after that they were subjected to the test. After careful consideration two pairs of boots, a pair of ankle boots and a pair of work shoes failed on both counts – I did not find them useful and I certainly did not think them beautiful any longer. These were put aside to be taken to a nearby recycling bin. It was time for some protective organisation.

All other pairs were cleaned, polished and divided in groups according along two axis: ‘summer – winter’ and ‘shall wear – won’t be seen dead in this’. All ‘won’t be seen dead in this’ pairs of shoes, some of which are really high quality, will have to reach charity shops or dress agencies. Of the rest, eight pairs are handy downstairs because they are ‘summer shoes I’ll wear’ and the rest are neatly organised in my wardrobe because they are ‘winter shoes that I’ll wear’.

All this feels great – and I am not going to be buying any shoes any time soon. By the way, the picture is of a pair that I do find beautiful!

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