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Why I Keep Writing About Money?


“You keep writing about money?” – my colleague exclaimed with a mixture of amazement, amusement, and admiration.

You see, most people know me as the university professor who teaches sociology and philosophy of science and travels the world guest speaking on how science works.

Few know me as the money maverick and creator of The Money Principle.

“Why do you put your energy behind writing about money?” – my academic colleagues ask me.

I write about money because it is important and because it is too important to leave it to experts – to get ahead in the money game, you need creative mavericks.

Yes, you can leave your money troubles behind and transform your life, but you need the help of people like me; people who have walked in your shoes and have used their ingenuity to turn their lives around.

I keep writing about money because it is important

“It is not about the money!” – you hear people say.

I said that at an investing conference. It didn’t sit right even leaving my mouth. Because I didn’t need the next speaker to remind me that people who say it is not about the money likely never had to go without.

Here is the thing, though.

When people say that it is not about the money, they mean that it is not ONLY about the money. At least that is what I mean and it is why I keep writing about money even though talking about it is considered vulgar.

Money is important but not in the way you may think.

Money is not important as a number on your bank statement.

Money is only important when it nourishes your life.

Your money is about living the life you want.

Making money is about the value you contribute and the ways you make the world a better place.

Spending money should be about bringing joy into your life. Spend on whatever rocks your boat and make sure it keeps afloat.

For me writing about money is writing about life.

Writing is my way to hold your hand in friendship and share my way to my dream with friends.

I keep writing about money because it is too important to leave it to experts

Experts can be helpful when it comes to the technical side of personal finance. An expert can help with estate planning, taxes, and optimising retirement.

Experts cannot help you decide the course of your life. Only you can do that.

My writing about money can provide you with some ideas, inspiration, and motivation.


Yes, money is important to me.

But it is important only when it nourishes my life.

Is this true about you?

Photo by Luke Lung on Unsplash

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