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Frugal Living: 60+ Tips for Living a Cheap(er) & Rich(er) Life


Are you toying with frugal living?

Are you held back because you don’t understand how to live frugally

Would you appreciate some practical, frugal ideas to start you off? 

Look no further. I give you:

  • A brand of frugality that helps you live a cheaper and richer life.
  • The unexpected benefits of frugal living.
  • 60+ effective and fast-working frugal living tips to save you hundreds per month.

Let’s do this and save you serious cash!

What is Frugal Living?

The word “frugal” is from Middle French and was first used in the 1530s. It means ‘economical in use’. According to Wikipedia, frugality is about

“…being economical with consumable resources like food, time or money and avoiding waste…”

Frugal living has many meanings. We promote a frugal living brand, mindful frugality, that is about:

  • Eliminating waste.
  • Ensuring the best value for your money.
  • Escaping the clutches of consumerism.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Living Frugal

Living a simple, frugal life can save you money to:

  • Pay off debt 
  • Reduce your mortgage
  • Invest
  • Chase financial independence or 
  • Survive the month. 


Are you still unsure whether frugal living is worth it? Consider these unexpected benefits:

  1. Frugal living can transform your whole life. It demands learning, mindfulness, imagination, discipline, and organization. These spill into other areas of life.
  2. You will learn how to have anything but not everything. Living a fulfilled and happy life is about knowing what matters to you and focusing on that.
  3. Frugal living is liberating. You never comprehend how little you need until you live on less.
  4. Living a simple life makes you resilient. Circumstances change. You may need to live on less.
  5. Reducing waste is good for the environment. Yes, our brand of frugality is good for your wallet and the environment.

Frugal living is worth it. It will make your wallet sing and transform your life.

4 Pillars of Simple Frugal Living

Here are the four fundaments of frugal living. 

1. Don’t ignore your wants; learn to want less

Contrary to most personal finance, we urge you to recognise your wants; even the extravagant ones. Learn to want less, and your wallet will thank you for it.

2. Make living a frugal life easy

Here is something my dog knows but many people don’t – the easier you make things, the more likely they will be done.

Plan, prepare and enable. Make frugal living easy. You have this!

3. Make cheap living fun

You know that when something is fun it is more likely to stick with it, right?

4. It is your life, and you can do anything

This is your life, goals, and aspirations. Your lifestyle is no one’s business but your own.

simple frugal living

You can live cheaply without being cheap

Do you know what the difference is between being frugal and being cheap?

Living frugal is about saving money by minimizing waste, maximizing value for money, and not compromising your quality of life.

Being cheap is spending less by using someone else’s resources. Examples? Taking salt, sugar, and toothpicks from the diner. Pocketing sweets at a reception. Living in your parent’s basement rent-free.

You don’t have to be cheap to live frugally. 

Frugal Life Won’t Make You Rich, but You Will Live a Richer Life

To become rich, you must learn to make and spend money wisely. Frugal living is unlikely to make you rich on its own.

Embracing a simple, frugal lifestyle will teach you the beauty of living better on less.

60+ Frugal Living Tips to Slash Your Spending and Boost Your Living

Here are the tried and tested frugal living tips to help you slash your monthly spending by a third.

We have organized them into ten groups. Also, we have prioritized the groups where you can save the most faster.

Frugal living tips

According to recent statistics, people in the UK spend most of their monthly income on food, transport, and housing. Energy is moving up because of rocketing costs.

Frugal Living Ideas to Slash Your Food Budget

Spend less on food by becoming a low-waste household

Did you know that:

  • In the UK, we throw away 9.52 million tons of food annually.
  • This waste emits 25 million tonnes of CO2e.
  • One-third of the food produced globally goes to waste.

Likely a third of the food you buy goes straight into the bin as well. Here is how to stop wasting food.

how to live frugal

1. Commit to making a weekly menu

Planning what you cook during the week goes a long way to eliminating food waste. It also means you will spend less on take-outs.

2. Shop for ingredients to cook the meals on your menu 

Buy only the ingredients you need to cook the meals on your weekly menu. Okay, you can get some treats as well.

3. Create a store cupboard 

Store cupboards are excellent for saving money and feeling more secure. 

4. Use the cooking ‘by-products’

Recipes sometimes need only part of an ingredient. Find ways to use what is left.

5. Keep and use the leftovers 

Don’t throw away leftovers. What is left from your evening meal could make a tasty, healthy lunch the next day. 

6. Stock up your freezer 

Batch-cook and freeze meals to save money and time. You will have meals on demand and not be tempted to order in.

7. Cook (and freeze) soups. 

You would be surprised how far £5 worth of vegetables go when cooking soups. 

Make your food budget go further by cooking from scratch

8. Learn to cook from scratch

Cooking from scratch is not only cheaper, but it is also healthier. Ready meals are expensive and buffed up with sugar and salt.

9. Bake bread

Breadmaking is easy, delicious, healthy, and therapeutic. You can have artisan bread for a third of the price. Use a breadmaking machine.

Save on food without compromising on quality by changing the way you eat

10. Cook (and eat) more stews

Stews are tasty, nutritious, and cheap(er). You can use cheaper cuts of meat, add carrots and celery, and buff the stew up with bulgur. They also freeze well.

11. Eat vegetarian

Vegetarian meals are generally cheaper than meat. Pulses also contain unique proteins.

12. Make eating out an occasion

Eating out all the time is expensive. Make it a treat, a celebration.

13. Share when eating-out

Portions have gotten larger. Do your waist a favour and share when you eat out. You will also save on your bill.

5 Kitchen appliances to help you eat better on less

These kitchen appliances are an investment in the new frugal, healthy lifestyle.

14. Get a slow cooker (Crockpot)


Living frugally by using a slow cooker

Slow cookers are convenient and excellent for healthy cooking. You will save on time and energy and can use cheaper cuts of meat.

15. Buy a pressure cooker (instant pot)

This will save you time and energy. Great for cooking pulses and stews.

16. Add a handheld food blender to your kitchen

A handheld food blender can chop, blend soups, beat eggs, and mash potatoes. 

17. A breadmaker is a game changer

Breadmaker for cheaper bread on demand

Photo by Kate Remmer on Unsplash

Homemade bread is delicious. Use a breadmaker for fresh bread on demand. It also cuts by up to two-thirds the cost of bread.

18. Get a coffee maker

Get a coffee maker if you love high-quality coffee but hate paying coffee shops’ prices.

Pay Less for Energy and Utilities While Staying Warm and Clean

Tips to save on gas and electricity you probably don’t use

19. Invest in draught excluders 

Draught excluders keep heat in. You may also invest in heavy curtains.

20. Carpet is warmer

Carpets will keep your house warmer.

21. Insulate, insulate, insulate

You can never have enough insulation. It keeps heat in during winter and out during summer.

22. Invest in a smart thermostat

This will save you on heating by regulating your house temperature.

23. Install a smart meter

Knowing how much energy you use will help reduce your bill.

24. Use your electric appliances at off-peak times

Electricity is cheaper in the UK between 10 pm and 8 am. Double-check that with your supplier because times vary.

25. Use the economy programs

The economic cycles are sufficient and cheaper to run.

26. Put the heating on only when you need it

It is cheaper to have your heating on when and where necessary.

How to use less water

27. Check for drips

Dripping taps mean waste and high bills.

28. Take showers, not baths

Showers use less water and energy than baths.

29. Take ‘military’ showers

Take short showers and stop the water when soaping yourself. 

Keep the Costs of Housing Down

Frugal tips to keep costs of housing low

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

30. Have ‘just enough’ house

Too much living space is cumulatively wasteful – higher rent/mortgage, bills, and maintenance costs. 

31. Live within a walking distance

Rent/buy accommodation to walk to amenities, work, and schools. 

32. Maintain your house

Keep your house clean and well-maintained.

Save on Transportation Using These Frugal Living Tips

33. You don’t need two cars

You probably don’t need two, or even one, cars. Share.

34. Drive Electric

If possible, drive an electric car. It is approximately five times cheaper than driving petrol.

35. Walk short(er) distances

Walking, you save on transport and get excellent exercise.

36. Cycle when possible

Cycling is also excellent exercise though it is not for everyone.

Frugal Tips for Cutting the Cost of Insurance and Banking

37. Compare the cost of insurance every time you renew

Insurance is a competitive business, and it often doesn’t favour loyal customers. Shop around.

38. Do you pay account fees?

Some banks charge for a current account. Check whether the perks justify the fee. Or better look for a free bank account.

39. Never go into overdraft

Overdrafts are expensive and avoidable.

40. Pay off your credit card in full every month

Pay off your credit cards in full every month and save on the interest.

Live Frugally, Have Fun and Entertain Like a Boss

Frugal living budget entertainment

Photo by Madie Hamilton on Unsplash

41. Much fun is free

Walking in the countryside, playing in the park, attending public events, and visiting museums and art galleries are free or cost little.

42. Streaming is cheaper than the cinema

Does streaming a premiering movie sound expensive to you at £15.99? Think again. Going to the cinema with your partner will cost double that.

43. Cut out the treats

You don’t have to eat and drink sugar while watching a movie.

44. Host dinner parties

Hosting a dinner party for your close friends (family) instead of going to a restaurant is a major saving.

45. Have game nights

A game night is a lot of fun and costs little.

46. Host movie nights

Host movie nights streaming new and classic movies.

47. Start or join a book club

Book clubs are fun.

Frugal Tips to Save on Fitness

48. Do you need a gym membership?

You may find walking or cycling to/from work, starting your day, 30 press-ups, and yoga using an app is all you need. 

49. Use your gym’s facilities

Make sure you use all the facilities your fitness club offers.

Frugal Living Ideas to Cut the Cost of Services

Frugal living ideas to cut costs of services

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

50. Outsource what you hate doing

Outsource the household tasks you hate. Using productively the energy you spend on avoiding the ironing is worth it.

51. Do what relaxes and brings you joy 

Stop outsourcing the tasks you find tasks relaxing.

52. Barter where possible

Bartering is excellent when you cannot pay for services. Surely someone will do your gardening in exchange for your mending skills.

53. Inventory your paid apps

Paid apps are wholes in your pockets. Inventory your paid apps and only keep the ones you still use.

54. Take stock of your subscriptions

Take stock of your subscriptions and cancel the ones you have not used in the last few months.

Extend the Life of Home Appliances by Maintenance

55. Clean your appliances

Keeping appliances clean saves you money by extending their life and increasing efficiency.

56. Mend appliances

Mend your appliances instead of scraping them. And you can find anything on YouTube, right?

Important frugal lifestyle tips that don’t fit elsewhere

One of my favourite lifestyle hacks is waking up at 5 am and starting the day on YOUR OWN terms. I’m also a huge fan of thrift stores for picking up name-brand quality stuff for pennies on the dollar and finding gems to flip for profit. Lastly, I 100% approve of spending money on coffee if it makes your life 10x better like it does for me; however, instead of splurging on lattes all the time, I’ll save money by ordering what they call a “poor man’s latte” – drip coffee that you pour into a cup full of cream *first* so it mixes all up and froths as if it were a latte! Tastes almost as good.

J. Money, BudgetsAreSexy.com

57. Stop smoking

Smoking tobacco is very expensive and harmful. You only think you enjoy it, you are an addict. Better cut it out.

58. Drink less or not at all

Alcohol is another unnecessary expense. Cut down or give it up entirely.

59. Become a minimalist

Changing your beliefs will make living a cheap frugal lifestyle easier. Try minimalism.

60. Buy quality

You are not wealthy enough to buy cheap stuff, trust me. Buy quality. It ages well and lasts.

61. You can have anything but not everything

You will never feel deprived once you understand that.

62. Put your money where your mouth is

Spend your money on what matters to you. Unwaveringly.

63. You cannot spend money twice

You can never spend the same money twice. Remember that when doing mental accounting.

64. Debt is expensive

Debt is expensive, and paying it all off is an excellent frugal living step.

65. How much you keep matters more than how much you earn

Controlling your spending by applying mindful frugality is essential for building wealth. Irrespective of how much you earn.

How to Live Frugal (the right way)

Cut waste. Yes, cut waste in all areas of your life.

Put your money on what matters to you.

Don’t spend on ruining your health.

Make living a simple, frugal life easy and fun. Make it into the best game you’ve ever played.

And remember, living frugally doesn’t mean being cheap!

Is your budget pinching? 

Have you outgrown your doubts about frugal living?

Are you impatient to embrace a life low on waste and high on value?

Great. Here is what you must do next.

Go through the frugal living tips we shared and select the five you feel most comfortable with.

Apply them to your daily life. 

Go on; I dare you. Make a menu, host a dinner party, take a “military” shower, stream a movie or a concert. It doesn’t matter – go for it and start saving.

Expand gradually to other frugal ideas.

Or you could continue doing what you do and getting the results you get.

1 thought on “Frugal Living: 60+ Tips for Living a Cheap(er) & Rich(er) Life”

  1. Hi Maria,

    Really enjoyed reading this list full of many different ways to practice frugal living! I love your tip about going vegetarian. Meat can be expensive. If you know how to cook with different spices and are creative and open-minded, there are many ways to cook delicious vegetarian dishes. Some dishes such as chilli don’t really need meat – the beans are hearty enough!

    I also love how you mentioned minimalism. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle is another important aspect of frugal living. When you learn to live with things that serve a purpose and bring you joy, you’ll end up spending less money. You can start small with your wardrobe. By creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe, you’ll declutter your wardrobe and will own less items of clothing. However, the items of clothing you do own will be higher quality and can be mixed and matched to make multiple outfit combinations.

    What’s your favorite way to be frugal and why?

    – Jani, Frugal Fun Finance


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